Doctor Le Thi Hong

With several years of experience in the field of Obstetrics and Gynecology, doctors have accumulated extensive knowledge and rich practical experience. Not only experienced in the diagnosis and treatment of gynecological diseases, doctors are more passionate and had participated in many bs-01scientific research projects on the gynecological and family planning. Doctor Hong always been colleagues and patients extremely confident.

Areas of expertise

Doctor Le Thi Hong specialized care, counseling and treatment of gynecological diseases including sexually transmitted infections, diseases of the cervix utero, sexually transmitted infection, diagnostic screening malformations congenital, aesthetic vaginal … Doctors also had time to participate in technical courses pumping sperm into the uterus.

Doctor Le Thi Hong always skillfully combine the expertise and the advanced treatments to achieve high efficiency in the treatment of gynecological diseases, especially infectious diseases such easy re: vaginosis religion, appendages inflammation, inflammation of the recipe online, inflammation of the cervix, endometrial inflammation …

Share of Dr. Le Thi Hong

“Personally, I always thought that as from sample Herbalist, the pain and difficulties of the patient is also suffering, is the responsibility of the physician as we do. When I was healthy and still have a chance, that day I will still use knowledge and his experience to ease the pain that the patient suffered, help them recuperate soon. “

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